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    Yiwu Yusuf Muslim Halal Restaurant serves Muslim food and dishes and is full of unique cultural consciousness of food and dishes . Muslim food and dishes culture is an important component of Islamic culture.


    Yiwu Yusuf Muslim Halal Restaurant mainly serves series Muslim food and dishes of nine categories. In this restaurant the Chinese traditional Muslim food and dishes culture has integrated with the Islamic food and dishes cultural tradition. The food and dishes mainly include: cold dishes, hot dishes, barbecue, pizza, salads, pasta, soups, beverages, etc...

    This restaurant introduces series dishes with exotic features. Among the dishes, the Kusi Rice and Sauce-braised Shrimp have the unique North African characteristics and are favored by domestic and foreign patrons. The rice in the North African dish Kusi Rice is originally from <st1:country-region w:st="on">Italy and finely cooked through a special cooking process combining with other ingredients. The dish Sauce-braised Shrimp has been highly praised by the Delicious Food Program in Zhejiang TV Station Channel 6 since the restaurant was interviewed recently. The European cuisine Turkish Fast-food is cooked by using Turkish raw materials and through special cooking process. This dish and its taste is popular with European Muslims. Arabian cuisine Arabian Roast Leg of Lamb is a special main course with exotic Arabian features. This dish has adopted traditional technology and been roasted in 7 hours. The Roast Leg of Lamb has crispy outside and tender inside. The meat melts immediately as soon as it is put into mouth.

    It tastes slippery but not greasy and is full of fragrance.

    On the base of the unique exotic flavour, this restaurant also introduces many types of dishes created and innovated by the chefs in the restaurant which have been highly praised by Muslims from dozens of countries and regions . The main special dishes in this restaurant includes Roast Whole Lamb, Lamb Chops in Class One, Fried Fish Drenched with Sauce in New Fashion, Fat Beef Pot,  Fried Beefsteak, Handed Mutton in Original Flavor etc.. The dishes tastes strongly fragrant and have a unique flavor. The special dishes in this restaurant are not only welcomed by Muslims, but also appreciated by people in all circles in Yiwu.

    Regarding the soups, this restaurant mainly introduces Mutton Soup, Vegetable Soup, Dali Soup, Adas Soup etc.. Among them, the Vegetable Soup is created by the restaurant itself. It features that it is boiled down blending eighteen kinds of vegetables through special process. It not only tastes delicious, but also has balanced nutrition. It has acquired the praise and recommendation offered by the Delicious Food Program in Zhejiang TV Station Channel 6.

    This restaurant not only includes the two traditional features of Chinese traditional Muslim food and dishes culture and Islamic food and dishes culture, but also combines the Chinese, Western, Arabian diet features together. It forms a self-contained Yusuf Muslim Halal dishes and attracts Muslim merchants from many countries gathering in this restaurant which is highly praised by the patrons. Its good reputation spreads overseas.

Reservation Hotline:   +86-579-85586146.

Add: No.255, Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu