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Exhibition industry

Longyou copper bird food factory [Production enterprises]
[Abstract]"Tongniao"Card Longyou little chilli.starting year in Dao Guang that create in Manchu Synasty,salty and plentiful three years is resisted to seal for imperial house's contribution.Is a traditional special product of thr province of Zhejiang,have been apart from now for more than 150 years,1972 the United States President Nikesong visit the China for the very first time during the period of Hangzhou,once the of Admire tastes the dragon visits Longyou little chilli,as to it's special of the taste is full of praise. "Tongniao" Card Longyou little chillir embryo as the raw material, adopting the teaditional craft to combine together with the modern technology Refined but.Have the color and luster,fresh and bright,the small meat in form is thick, frailty but not hot,feels the fresh and fragrant frailty is delicate and salty Sweet and just right, nourishment plentifulness(imply the essential little chemical element in various human bodies with the vitamin C),solve to get fed up with Help the food and keep the Color reduce weight,special taste characteristics,is the strange and rare article of the dining table.
Main Products:Sponge cake, small chili
Hangzhou Chunan Qiandao Lake Gaofeng Industrial Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]
[Abstract]Summit Industrial Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Chun Thousand Island Lake is located in the beautiful Thousand Island Lake River,Is a growing, processing, research and development of ecological agricultural products Qiandao leading agricultural enterprises in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Forestry leading enterprises.Founded in November 1997, relying on the unique agricultural resources Qiandaohu, based on development, innovation, processing,Pecan processing from the beginning, tea, etc. into a single product now pecan, dogwood, tea, bamboo shoots, dried fish, dried vegetables, camellia oil, Candied Sweet Potato eight series of the "peak" products.Cornus, tea is the company is developing new products, each planted area of 1,500 acres and 650 acres, with good development prospects.After ten years of Pinbo company, has developed into more than 1,500 million total assets, production plant 5000 square meters, with more than 60 employees of the municipal agricultural leading enterprises.Executive "honesty, quality win" business purposes.Hickory has been named the peak card brand in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, forest foods, have been awarded provincial Agricultural Fair Gold Medal."Summit" brand trademark has been identified as Hangzhou famous trademarks. Peak brand Hickory, tea, cornus are certified by organic food.
Main Products:Pecan and other
Fujian Vekoo Daily Use Manufacture Co.,Ltd, [Production enterprises]
[Abstract] Yiwu Vekoo Bamboo & Wood Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bamboo and wood products. We mainly produce kitchenware and tableware such as bamboo and wood craft chopsticks,disposable chopsticks,bamboo chopping blocks,bamboo toothpick,bowl sets,teaboard,sushi set and fruit basket.They are natural and environmentally friendly.Our products are well sold over the world,especially in japan,Korea,Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and North America. We have manufactory bases:Fujian Zhenghe Vekoo Bamboo & Wood Co.,ltd.In order to extend produce level and new products exploiture level.We will set up new manufactory base in jianyang city,Fujian Province recently. We promise to make high quality products and good services. And we develop our products by advanced science and technology to make your daily life wonderful. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.
Main Products:chopstick chopping blocks and so on
Ningxia Chn- Simypm Wp;gnerru Debelopment Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]
Main Products:Wolfberry
Tianshan Jingde County of Anhui Province Green Food Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]
Main Products:food
Huangshan City, Hui Shan oil Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]
[Abstract] Huangshan City, Hui Shan oil industry, was founded in 2000, is a tea product development, scientific research, production, processing and trade as one of the "national forest industry leading enterprises," and the "industrialization of agriculture leading in Anhui Province enterprises. " Since its inception to establish a "people-oriented, service-oriented, keep making progress, the world" development ideas, and adhere to independent development and technological innovation, increasing science and technology, the development of high technology, promote technological progress. Production technology research company to tea, tea demonstration base construction, finishing and Camellia tea oil products focus on the development, to lead the peasants to increase income and improve their efficiency for the purpose of vigorously implement industrial management of agriculture, so that enterprises have seen significant development, has received "a brand name of the township enterprises of key enterprises", "forestry industry leading enterprises in Anhui Province", "high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province", "private technology enterprises in Anhui Province", "advanced unit in Anhui Province re-employment of laid-off", "Anhui Province Labor Award "," AA grade credit enterprise in Anhui Province "," Anhui Famous Brand "," brand-name products in Anhui Province "," Anhui Province "and other honors, passed the ISO9001, HACCP quality system certification and organic food, GAP certification, Camellia Industry Association executive director for the unit of Anhui Province, Anhui Province is also one of the largest tea processing enterprises. The current consumption of tea oil company based in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Zhejiang, Hefei, Huangshan.
Main Products:Tea oil
Huangshan City Native wild Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]
Main Products:Pecan
Jane's Food Co., Ltd. Anhui Province [Production enterprises]
Main Products:tea
Huangshan Fu River Source Tea Oil Development Co., Ltd. (Yu seeds in your tea oil) [Production enterprises]
Main Products:OIL
Sun Moon Star Biotechnology Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]
Main Products:-