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Suichang Wenzhao Bamboo Charcoal Co., Ltd.

Company Information

Brief Introduction     Our company set up in 1995,and its name is Wenzhao bamboo-charcoal Co.,Ltd. of SuiChang in Zhejiang Province. We specialize in developing, producing and distributing Bamboo-charcoal products and Bamboo-vinegar-liquid goods. By now, we have exploited and produced seven series and more than one hundred Bamboo-charcoal goods. Most of our goods export to Japan,Korea,Southeast Asia, Hongkong and Taiwan and so on. We sale in domestic market, spreading all over northeast, westward, east of China and so on, about more than 20 provinces and cities.
    Suichang of Zhejiang Province is the township of Bamboo-charcoal. Our company located in Suichang Shangjiang Industry Garden section. The traffic is advantagable ,and the scene is elegancy. Our plant occupies 13500 square meters. We have advanced product line for bamboo-charcoal goods and purification for bamboo-vinegar-liquid. In our more than 160 charcoal stove, we place numerical control on charcoal’s grilling and smelting. Our production craftworks are advanced, our technical is powerful, so our goods have choiceness quality.
    We took the lead in exploiting bamboo-charcoal goods and exporting them. For so many years,we keep ahead in firing bamboo-charcoal goods for many usages, producing bamboo-charcoal for cleaning water,construction,mixing wet, health care and distilling, purifying and concentrating bamboo-vinegar-liquid. In above facets,we have stronger technic exploitation and innovation. We also formulate the first national bamboo-charcoal ,bamboo-vinegar-liquid corporation standard,” Bamboo-charcoal, Bamboo-vinegar-liquid Production Technical Standard". On the basis of the Standard, our company and Skill Supervision Office of Suichang with other departments draft out and formulate Bamboo-charcoal Locality Standard DB33/T467-2004,and this standard has been carried into execution in Feb.17,2004.
    We are the member unit of International Bamboo-bine organization. The juridical person of our company is Mr. Chen wenzhao. He is the director of Bamboo Industry Association in Zhejiang Province, the deputy head of council of Bamboo-charcoal Association in Zhejiang Province. He is capable of firing bamboo-charcoal, deep machining and exploiting other products. He is also the recognized expert of National Bamboo-charcoal Industry. In order to strengthen our science technid, we retain the vice-chairman of Chinese Bamboo Industry Association, the head of council of Zhejiang Bamboo-charcoal Association, the academician of Chinese Engineer Courtyard, the dean of Zhejiang Woodcraft Courtyard, Prof. Zhang qisheng ,and chairman of Japanese Bamboo-charcoal Association, Professor of Japanese Kyoto University, the founder of International Bamboo-charcoal Industry. We also expend much in exploiting new products, researching the mechanism for Bamboo-charcoal with Nanjing Woods University, Woods science Center, Zhejiang Woods College and other scientific institutions. In that way ,we improve the scientific content of our products.
    The enhancement of interior management and the implement of complete quality management have made our company and our products pass through IS09000:2000,the International Quality Control Authentication. Bamboo-charcoal and bamboo-vinegar-liquid of “Wenzhao ”have abstained the golden award of the third Chinese Bamboo Culture Festival's Bamboo Industry Exposition, the high quality award of 2001 and 2002 Chinese Zhejiang International Agricultural Exposition, the golden award of 2001 Chinese Bamboo-bines products trade-off Conference, and other many awards.
  Our company will continue in making our efforts to deeply producing bamboo-charcoal goods, bring bamboo peasants along to wealthy. We will also offer better green products to our dear customers, and make arduous efforts to establish our brand, to innovate our products.
Main industries Bamboo charcoal products Booth Number B1-E35
Exhibition Industry Wood & bamboo daily necessities > wood & bamboo fiber products


  • The refrigerator with carbon
    The refrigerator with carbon
  • Non-woven insoles
    Non-woven insoles
  • insoles
  • pillow
  • pillow
  • pillow
  • pillow
  • FrCharcoal carving hang
ont seat pad
    FrCharcoal carving hang ont seat pad
  • Charcoal carving hang
    Charcoal carving hang
  • underwear

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