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Yunfeng Luhao Tea Factory, Sanmen County, Zhejiang

Company Information

Brief Introduction The factory set "Taishi" brand of tea production, processing and sales of series on agricultural leading enterprise, one county in Zhejiang Province demonstration factory. Founded in 2006, plant area of 5.5 mu, the annual processing capacity of 80 tons, the existing tea base area of 5500 mu, annual output of tea 50 tons, annual output value of 11240000 yuan. "Taishi peak card" series of tea produced in the lush, fertile soil, moist air in the deep valley, with tender leaf as raw material, and using traditional techniques and modern technology made. The shape of straight show, the color green, fragrant and mellow taste. Into the cups, buds blossoming upright in a cup, like the "EMERALD FAIRY" dance on the blue lake, won the majority of consumers favor. Repeatedly won the Zhejiang agricultural fair, the fair will, Tea Expo Gold award.
Main industries Green tea cents Booth Number B2B14
Exhibition Industry Tea products > Green Tea, white tea, black tea, Black Tea, Pu'er Tea tea famous tea


  • Employees are Fried tea
    Employees are Fried tea

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Contact Person ShanShu Hu Email
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Address 浙江台州三门县Tingpang Town, Sanmen County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Url