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5 ELEMENTS” International Club

The top quality taste of the leisure clubin the capital of commodities influencing the world

5 Elements”international club  is located in theCapital of commodities in Yi Wu,  Chinawhich is influencing the whole world’s business. 5 Elements opened its doors on21st December 2012. It is the 1st Western-style food & beverageestablishment to offer several different blends of our very own brewed beer.Its area of 5,000 sqm of pure entertainment space is located in Zhejiang area.We are a Western Restaurant, Brewery, Bakery café, Bar & KTV

 Thewhole design and decoration has been done by a team from United Kingdom and theOperations are managed by a French General Manager. 5 Elements’ internationalstandards of space design perfectly fit the harmony & unity betweensensibility and rationality. British Style and French romance complement eachother and give to our valuable guests a full range of real western culturalexperience.

The Club is located in the business area,hidden in the downtown area, through the bustling and elegant taste. Enjoy theunique environment and service, the club quickly became the best taste of theleisure clubs, at the same time, it established the benchmark status in luxuryclub service market.

Facing the beautiful courtyard will houseour Bakery Café, outdoor tea bar and the Bakery serving freshly baked pastriesand breads while the Brewery will be brewing several different Fresh andhealthy beers for your drinking pleasure. Our homemade draft beers are brewswith TOP quality imported equipment, Australian malt with the hops andtechnology of Germany.

Located on the second floor is the Bar& Restaurant. The Restaurant will be serving a wide range of westernsignature dishes. In the bar, performing will be our resident band from thePhilippines. High-grade wine and exotic snacks, chefs and service team willpresent you with different cocktail party experience. Great place to host anykind of PARTY.

For privacy and exclusive dining, the 3rdfloor has 5 private rooms in our MENULESS dining area, the simple secret. Ourchefs will prepare pure classic western set meal for you and your guests. Suchspecific menus are only created from the freshest imported products available,to meet the needs of VIP guests to experience western food and culture whichfully reflects your honorable status.

The 4th& 5th floors are dedicated to 9beautifully decorated and spacious KTV rooms, TOP-quality audio equipment andunique style; it is your best choice for entertainment, with more than 1.000updated English songs!

The club can accommodate 1000 guests at thesame time; provide more than 100 free parking spaces just opposite 5 Elements.The open design fully take into account the use function, provide the mostpersonalized service for medium-to-high end clients, great place to host theBusiness docking, Wine tasting party, New Product Launching, Company annualparty, Birthday party, Friends Gathering, Western-style wedding, WeddingAnniversary, French style Romantic Dinner package, ….

 “5ELEMENTS” is committed to building the metropolis city culture, to creatinghigh-quality life attitude and life style for high quality people. Tasting“5ELEMENTS”, enjoy life ! You will LOVE it here!

Privilege:10% off

Address: #148. Gongren West RD. Yiwu City