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Nov.1st-3rd 9:00-16:30 (Trade Days)

Nov.4th 9:00-14:00 (Trade Days)

  • TEL:0579-85415777
  • FAX:0579-85415244
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Attending Flow

In the period of Forest Fair, Equipment Fair, Hardware Fair, Sourcing Fair and Culture Fair, enjoy the discount and privilege in the following cooperative restaurants with exhibition badge, buyer badge or VIP card.
Restaurant Privilege Add Tel
Original Taste
Get two specified
221, Chouzhou Middle Road(near the gate of Chouzhou Park) 0579-85667789
12% discount 99, Chunhan Road( right across Beiyuan Police Station) 0579-85850808
The characteristic
of Thai food
12% discount No.70-76, Street 7th, Binwang Trade District 0579-85035677
Book & coffee 12% discount 109, Xiachenmen Road( 1F, yingdu) 0579-85276333
May Hall   221, Gongren North Road 0579-85051880
Awa Cottage   278, Chengbei Road 0579-85559188
Divino Restaurant Get soup and
No.6 Ying'enmen city apartment(near Xiuhu
Century Mart)
5 Elements 12% discount 148, Gongren North Road 0579-85583377
Mingyue Japanese
5% discount 1F,Yihe Hotel
2, Gongren North Road

Original Taste Hotpot

As first HK-style theme hotpot at Yiwu, it inherits the essence of HK&Macau hotpot and combinates healthy diet and nutrition. Near Chouzhou Park and Yiwu Cinema, it is the best option for your meals and leisure with comfortable environment and convenient transportation.

Lǜ shui Yake Ecological restaurant

As the first restaurant under the theme of ecology in Yiwu, it makes the natural landscape and humanistic landscape in harmony and joy with the advanced design concepts. Bridge, stream, bird twitter and flower fragrance in large-scale immerse you with the feeling of idyllic beauty land, may called fairyland indeed.

The characteristic of Thai food

Using a good quantity of natural fruit and coconut to cook, its cooking ingredients and techniques are various. With the taste of sour and hot, the dishes owe the original taste. Thailand-style decoration will bring you into exotic world.

Book & Coffee

Books are the precipitation of wisdom, while coffee is condensation of elegance. Read a book, taste a cup of coffee, listen to a concert, play a round of snooker, get rid of busy life and enjoy the free emotion in Book & Coffee.

May Hall

May Hall is remnants of the old industrial sites from last century with simple and nature decoration style, hidden in the busy city as wilderness. Separating from noisy, aged-old brick factory and ancient tree in the yard offer you comfort and refresh both in body and mind.

Awa Cottage

Awa Cottage is an original cottage theme restaurant, like a bright pearl in modern city steel concrete jungle, shining with the light of the unique. Special gourmet style fascinates you to a particular feast.

Divino Bar & Restaurant

Divino is a western restaurant that takes pure western food. The outdoor seats provide wide vison and romantic emotion if tasting coffee here. European style decoration and elegant design offer pleasure for you.

5 Elements

Beer square, Western restaurant, Coffeehouse, Jazz bar and KTV compose the “5 Elements”. It is the ideal place for business, meeting and dating due to is the only leisure entertainment complex.

Mingyue Japanese cuisine

Taste of the exquisite cuisine, experience dining art, all in Mingyue Japanese cuisine.